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Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker


I’m Pixie (my family nickname when I was little) so it seemed an appropriate name for my ear making business.

I get asked a lot about how I started making ears, so thought I’d write a little bit about it!


My background is in fashion & textile design and I also have a degree in this. I’ve gotten to work on some pretty cool projects with some great people over the years, but I wanted to have a different creative outlet that was focussed on something that was a true representation of me, and everything I love. Which is pure sparkle, glitter and magicalness!

I grew up trained in a lot of dance and theatre & I had a lot of costumes over the years (a lot of which I designed) covered in crystals and rhinestones and sparkly embellishments. So I thought, why not merge everything together?

I’d always intended to just make myself a pair of ears as a fun project, but as I wasn’t going to a Disney park anytime soon, the first pair I made was actually taken on a trip by a family member. Then I made another pair as a gift for someone’s Honeymoon to WDW, and it started from there really!


I love coming up with new designs and am inspired by everything from just colour palettes or certain embellishments, to characters & attractions. Some designs are sketched first and meticulously planned out, and some just come together as I’m making them! There are so many design ideas I have, it’s just a question of having the time to do them all! I also get so many great suggestions from everyone on Instagram and always try to listen to what you want to see.


Every pair is individually handmade here at home in the UK, from cutting out individual sequin fabric, to hand placing every single crystal. I’m a perfectionist, and if something’s not perfect and I wouldn’t wear it myself, then it doesn’t get sent out.

This explains why for pre-order ears the lead time (depending on design) is generally between 8-12 weeks. But I do also try to offer ready to ship ears each month, for those of you who are eager to get a pair ASAP.

I see each pair of my ears as a piece of wearable art that helps contribute to making amazing memories on your vacations, and that’s why it’s so important to me that each pair is made with love and care.


I hope to be sending you a pair very soon!