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March Shop Opening

March Shop Opening

The next shop opening is Saturday 27th March at 8pm GMT - that’s London U.K. time, so please check your time zones if you’re international.

You can do this via a quick google search which will convert your current time zone for you.

We are bringing you lots of design selections this month, and a mix of ready to ship & pre-orders, so make sure you’re on time, as last month all ears sold out within a record time of 2 minutes!

I’m really excited about some of the brand new designs, as well as some returning from last month that I know some of you missed out on.

Ready to Ship

  • Starry Night
  • Champagne Gold Exquisite 
  • Thunder Railroad (Glass & Swarovski®)
  • Mad Tea Party (Glass & Swarovski®)
  • Ghost Host (Glass & Swarovski®)



  • Rose Gold Exquisite 2.0
  • Hollywood Tower Exquisite
  • 50th Anniversary Exquisite
  • Bridal Exquisite (Glitter bow)
  • Tiki Tiki 3.0 (Glass & Swarovski®)
  • Jungle Adventure 1.0 (Glass & Swarovski®)
  • Jungle Adventure 2.0 (Glass & Swarovski®)
  • Fireworks 1.0 (Glass & Swarovski®)
  • Fireworks 2.0 (Glass & Swarovski®)
  • Fireworks 3.0(Glass & Swarovski®)


Certain designs are extremely limited in the number available this month - other designs there are several pairs available, so please be prepared for a quick checkout.

The Swarovski® pairs are all limited edition and no guarantee if they will be back in the future, but these designs come with a complimentary velvet storage bag.


Good luck, and hope to be sending you magic mail very soon!