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February Shop Opening

February Shop Opening

The next shop opening is Saturday 27th February at 8pm GMT - that’s London U.K. time, so please check your time zones if you’re international.

You can do this via a quick google search which will convert your current time zone for you.


It’s not a massive shop opening like last time, and just pre-orders this month so make sure you’re on time!

I’ve tried to prioritise the most requested returning designs alongside some brand new designs.

  • Pixie Dust - Light Up
  • Rose Gold Exquisite (Original design)
  • Bridal (Glitter bow)
  • Bridal (Iridescent Bow)
  • Jungle Adventure 1.0 (Glass & Swarovski®)
  • Jungle Adventure 2.0 (Glass & Swarovski®)
  • Fireworks 1.0 (Glass & Swarovski®)
  • Fireworks 2.0 (Glass & Swarovski®)
  • Fireworks 3.0(Glass & Swarovski®)


There are several pairs of each, available to order this month - so hopefully a great chance to get the ones you want! The Swarovski® pairs are all limited edition and no guarantee if they will be back in the future.


Good luck and there are lots of exciting different pairs planned for March’s future shop opening too!