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April Shop Opening

April Shop Opening

The next shop opening is Saturday 1st May at 8pm (GMT+1) - that’s London U.K. time, so please check your time zones if you’re international. Also please note that we are in U.K. summertime so this may have changed the time difference versus last shop opening.

You can do this via a quick google search which will convert your current time zone for you. I recommend to search “current time in London U.K.” and then work out the difference compared to where you are currently. Alternatively please look out for the countdown clock that I will put up on Instagram stories, if this helps give more confidence for the time conversion.

We are will have a great mix of ready to ship & pre-orders this month so make sure you’re on time, as they tend to sell out in a few minutes.

Please ensure you have read through the entire story highlight “How to Order” on Instagram, as well as checking out the FAQs page on this website and the Delivery & Shipping page should you have any questions.

I talk a lot on Instagram stories in the week lead up to the shop opening, so keep a close eye out! 48 hours before shop opening I also show a visual recap of designs if you need reminding of what each one looks like and the specific pricing of each design.

Ready to Ship

  • Endgame

  • Rose Pink Exquisite (Glass)

  • Starry Night

  • World of Hope (Glass & Swarovski®)

  • Scarlet Witch (Glass)

  • The Child 1.0

  • The Child 2.0

  • Vintage Steamboat


  • Light Up Pixie Dust - 30th July dispatch

  • 50th Anniversary Exquisite - 30th June dispatch

  • Bridal Exquisite (Glitter bow) - 30th June dispatch

  • Fireworks 1.0 (Glass & Swarovski®) - 30th July dispatch

  • Fireworks 2.0 (Glass & Swarovski®) - 30th July dispatch

  • Fireworks 3.0(Glass & Swarovski®) - 30th July dispatch

Certain designs are extremely limited in the number available this month - other designs there are several pairs available, so please be prepared for a quick checkout.

The Swarovski® pairs are all limited edition and no guarantee if they will be back in the future, but these designs come with a complimentary velvet storage bag.
Good luck, and hope to be sending you magic mail very soon!