Where do you ship to?

I ship internationally to most countries; including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, & Europe. To check whether I ship to your country, at checkout please check the drop down list of countries.

How much is shipping?

Please visit our Delivery & Shipping page for all the information.

How much do your ears weigh?

The weights of the ears vary by design, depending on their individual embellishments, specific to their themes.

Generally ears are on average between 105g – 140g. Glass ears are slightly heavier on average 160g – 180g.

What is the wait time on your Pre Order Ears?

Current pre-order completion dates are stated clearly on the product photo and description – please check the current pre-order ears here


What is the current custom order wait time?
Please contact me at hello@earsbypixie.co.uk for all Custom order enquiries, quotes and wait time queries.


When is the next ready to ship release of ears?/ How often to you release ready to ship ears?
I aim to do monthly ready to ship ears, however the date is not a fixed regular monthly event. For the latest update & news for ready to ship releases & ready to ship sale dates please follow my Instagram.

Has my order been dispatched?

For ready to ship ears I aim to dispatch within 48 hours of order. You will receive an automatic email informing you that your ears have been dispatched, along with your tracking number.


For pre-order ears please make note of your preorder date. The month of completion is stated on the product image and description at time of purchase. Please note completion date states by the end of the particular month.


Once they have been completed you will receive an automatic email informing you that your ears have been dispatched, along with your tracking number.

What’s the difference between ready to ship ears and pre-order ears?

Ready to ship ears are just that, ready to ship right now. They are already made and completed – the photo you see on the product page is the actual pair of ears you will receive.


Pre-order ears are made to order for you once you have purchased them. There is a wait time for these to be completed before dispatching and shipping out to you. Completion time is stated at time of purchase.

How long does each pair take to make?

Each pair is handmade from start to finish and takes several hours to make. Each element is hand finished. Every rhinestone/crystal is precisely hand placed.

What materials do you use and where do you get them?

I spend a long time sourcing all my materials from a wide range of suppliers to produce my ears to my particular vision. Please kindly do not ask me for this information in appreciation & respect for my hard work. Thank you.

Do you make seasonal themed ears?

Yes, I make seasonal specific ears for Halloween & Christmas/Winter Holidays. Please keep an eye on my Instagram for updates and information on when these may be available.


Have you ever made X, Y, Z themed ears?
Please check out my Gallery page for inspiration on previously made ears, or as an archive for designs I have made. Or you can check out my Instagram feed for a full and more comprehensive showcase of designs.